"Windows 10" has spread widely among users due to its smooth operation and periodically providing more functions. Microsoft will soon launch the second largest system update in the year 2020, called 20H2, that provides many advantages that improve the user experience, especially when browsing the Internet, which has become a major part of the operating system’s operations. We will mention a group of them in this topic.

Sharing content between devices

The new update will develop the feature of copying and pasting content in the cloud between different devices with ease, a feature called Cloud Clipboard that Microsoft introduced in 2018. This feature was present on devices running Windows 10, but it will now support phones The mobile and tablets running the “Android” operating system as well, through the free application of “SwiftKey Keyboard”, which is considered an alternative keyboard to the standard keyboard, can learn the user's writing style and predict the next related words according to their writing habits, with the aim of raising Writing speed and reducing the percentage of spelling errors.

Improving the Internet browsing experience

Microsoft Edge browser will also get many advantages in the integrated update with the Windows 10 update. The price of the desired product can be compared across different e-commerce sites with one click, without any hassle or the need to go to the sites of those stores for comparison.

The browser will support free video calls via Skype on the new tab page, using a button called "Meet Now." This feature allows making video calls with friends, family or colleagues, directly from within the browser.

User interface development

The new update will develop the user interface (especially the start menu) where the colors of the interactive tiles for Live Tiles applications will be changed according to the colors chosen for the system components according to the user's taste, with the background color of the boxes transformed to become semi-transparent in order to provide an elegant visual experience. Microsoft has also removed the background that is displayed behind the icon for each application in the start menu.

The system will not disturb the user with repeated alerts in the event of activating the Focus Mode, and the Control Panel has been developed to become more harmonious than before, with the addition of the ability to change the frequency of displaying the image on the screen from within this panel, instead of running a separate program. The system will display the programs running in the background as well as the tabs of the Edge browser when pressing the Alt and Tab buttons.

Change the search engine to the start menu

Windows 10 uses Microsoft's Bing search engine to search for information on the Internet when typing it into the search bar in the start menu, but the search engine can be changed to a different one according to desire, using the free Search Deflector program. And easy to use.

After installing the program and running it, you must select the preferred browser that the user would like to run when searching from the start menu, by searching in the list presented by the application, which includes the browsers "Edge", "Chrome", "Firefox" and "Internet Explorer".