Today, you can use your smartphones to add a touch of creativity and distinction to photos that you previously took, regardless of the type of phone you own.

Perhaps some people spend more time at home due to the Corona virus, or perhaps others live in cities that have begun to recover and want to take more pictures of what is going on around them. Either way, we have the right solution. It's simple, fun and inexpensive.

So, if your phone is full of new and old photos, or you are eager to take new pictures outside or after a change in your appearance, you can use one of the many applications available for iOS and Android in the Apple and Google app stores, which will give your photos a new look while you are sitting on the sofa at home.

Below you will find a set of applications that you can choose from to edit your photos during the evening while you are drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and even to convert your favorite photos into an album.


Free for iOS and Android. The application "Snap Seed" owned by Google provides a variety of tools for exposure and coloring to enter the adjustments you want on your photos, in addition to many classic and modern filters, and aspects of high dynamic range photography. The app also allows you to use several effects together to get important edits in your photos.


It's available for Android and iOS, and it has some free functions, or you can use all of its offers and tools for a $ 4.99 monthly subscription.

The "Lightroom" application from "Adobe" maintained its classification as one of the best applications in the professional photography industry, and provided a special version for smartphones at the same level.

In this application, you will not find posters, animations or emoji, but you will get full control over your pictures thanks to the same tools available in the computer version of Lightroom.

I personally use this app more than others to edit my photos on an iPhone or iPad device because one of its most important features is that it allows photos to be synced in the cloud, and thus allows me to start editing on one device and complete it on another device.


Available only for iOS for $ 7.99 a month, and $ 48 a year. The paste and montage tools available in the "Bazaart" application allow you to combine several different factors from images to text and graphics, and put them together to obtain an end result that is more like a work of art.

The application offers tools that make it easy for you to delete the background in portraits instantly (and the result will amaze you) to replace it with another background or add several effects. The app also includes a large variety of templates for creating distinctive stickers for Instagram stories.

The app also allows you to try countless ways to be creative in creating images, as long as you are able to create. You can visit the official Bazaart page on Instagram for some inspiration.