1 - Childhood and the beginnings of work

In his early childhood years, Joe Biden faced the problem of stuttering and not being able to speak well. After obtaining his law degree, he also lived a psychological struggle over his political tendencies and intellectual inclinations, seeing himself as a liberal republic, before he was able in 1969 to win a seat on the Delaware County Council as a Democrat.

2 - When he became a senator and lost his wife and daughter

In 1972 Biden scored an extraordinary victory in the Senate elections, becoming at the age of 30 the sixth-youngest senator in US history.

3 - A new marriage

In 1975 Biden met a young teacher at his brother's suggestion; This acquaintance ended with their marriage, in a Roman Catholic ceremony in a small church in New York.

This marriage resulted in the birth of their daughter Ashley in 1981, and pushed Biden toward a political advancement until Time magazine considered him America's next political leader.

4- Seeking for presidency again

Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the presidency of America in 1987, but the pitfalls his campaign faced, and an election speech in which he talked about his past made him lose many of his strengths and made him get out early from the race.

5- An attempt to run again

Biden ran for the second time in the 2007 presidential elections, but his attempt collapsed faster than the first, after winning the fifth place in the Iowa caucus, which forced him to withdraw from the previous one, to make him his deputy in the same year.

6 - Vice President Obama

Biden's eight years as Vice President Obama allowed him to embrace the political legacy of the first African-American president in US history, such as the Obama Care health-care system and the economic plan that saved the US auto industry from collapse after the 2008 financial crisis.

7 - The death of his son Beau

During Biden's second term as vice president, his son Beau, who was a state attorney in Delaware, died in 2015 at the age of 46 after a battle with brain cancer.

Biden said his son Beau was encouraging him on his deathbed, to take a new race to the White House.

8 - Choosing Kamala Harris

In March 2020 Biden announced that he would select a woman to serve as his running mate. His choice went to California Senator and former Attorney General Kamala Harris.

One reason Biden favors Harris is that his choice of a woman could increase the turnout of women tired of Trump and African American voters, especially in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

9 - Victory

Almost 50 years after entering politics for the first time, Joe Biden has been chosen as the next president of the United States, in a perilous period he will have to navigate.

Biden said in his first remarks as president of the United States from Wilmington, Delaware: "I pledge to be an unsworn president who believes in unity."

Biden praised the African American voters who strengthened his campaign, saying, "You have always been on my back and I will be with you."