US President-elect Joe Biden continues his work to achieve a transition of power, adhering to a calm policy in response to attempts by President Donald Trump to question the election result. In exchange for the return of Trump's media activity through social media, especially through Twitter, Biden hastened to his transitional and government work team, and about his team to confront the "Covid-19" epidemic.

On Wednesday, Biden announced the appointment of Ron Klein as chief of staff of the White House, which is the first and one of the most important government centers that will oversee the work of the new president's administration and coordinate work between its branches. The rosary of Klein was considered a real starting appointment for the formation of the new administration, as it is expected that the rosary of appointments will be repeated in the coming days and weeks.

Klein, who was very close to Biden and worked with him for a long period of decades, was expected to be appointed to this important position. Biden said in a statement that "Ron has been the best support for me during all the past years, and I cannot forget his assistance to the government in overcoming the economic crisis in 2009. Then we later overcome a terrible public health emergency in 2014. " His reference to the economic and health crises constituted an additional confirmation of the priorities of his administration in the next stage, especially since Klein, 59, has extensive experience in this field, and held the position of chief responsible for dealing with the Ebola epidemic in Barack Obama's administration in 2014 and 2015.

"I will assist the new vice president in selecting the new competencies in order to form a strong government," Klein said in a statement. At this time, Biden's advisers said he will appoint other White House officials in the next few days, and that his government team may not be more than two weeks late to reveal his names. They added that the goal is to continue to pressure Trump and confront his attempts to delegitimize the elections, and to reduce the obstacles that he continues to put in the way of the handover and handover process and the transfer of power to the Biden administration.

But the Trump administration’s rejection of the results poses real problems for the Biden transition team. The head of the Public Services Department, Emily Murphy, has so far refused to deal with Biden as the elected president, the body that manages the transition process and provides financial capabilities for the new president's work team, due to Trump's strict orders. Murphy's admission of Biden’s victory would provide security for federal funds for payroll, hiring consultants, travel costs, and the ability to interview incumbent officials. 

Biden has not yet received official national security briefings, as is customary with a new president. Despite this, Biden's team was reported to be satisfied with ignoring the "noise" Trump is making into questioning the election result. Biden and his team have so far refused to enter into lawsuits to respond to the appeals presented by the Trump campaign, or to file lawsuits to obtain funds and official briefings, especially those of a security nature. Biden continues to stick to a calm tone, describing Trump's speech that "the elections are rigged" and "stolen from him" and that "the courts will cancel them" as "embarrassing."

Biden revealed that the efforts of his team are underway in full swing, betting on the disintegration of the Republican front, despite the adherence of many of them to Trump's allegations, and on the shifts in the position of their media institutions. The Biden team refers to the statements of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and one of Trump's most prominent allies, as well as Republican Senator Pat Tommy of Pennsylvania, asking the president to accept the result, and the statements of Republican Senator from Oklahoma State James Lancford who called on the Trump administration to brief Biden on the intelligence reports, and that "He will intervene to solve the issue by the end of the week." The fact that Senator Mitt Romney and former President George Bush congratulated Biden and the leaks indicating the state of Trump's team's frustration that the lawsuits were not able to prove anything, contribute to raising the state of confidence in Biden.

The shift that took place in the position of many pro-conservative media organizations to accept the election results, such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, clearly supported Biden, while many comments gathered that all Trump wanted is not to facilitate The task of the newly-elected president at all.

Biden advisers believe it is only a matter of time before the wall Trump is trying to build collapses, and most Republicans begin to view Trump's efforts as futile and shameful. Biden stressed that Republicans will already begin to disengage from Trump, while his advisers