In the event of announcing its most prominent device itself (Note 20 Ultra) in August, "Samsung" also unveiled a new generation of wireless headphones under the name "Buds Live", with a design that is the strangest in the world, as it resembles the shape of a pill. Beans, and they come in a very small size, and a weight of no more than 5.6 grams, which makes it easier to wear.

Premium headphone

The wireless headphone, despite its small size, provided 3 microphones that can be used to answer calls, and also to support the Active Noise Cancellation feature - which, by the way, does not work perfectly due to the small design of the headset, and the lack of rubber pieces that help in isolation. But overall, her sound system was impressive, as the sound was loud and clear.

And in the box, you will find a small rubber piece that can be attached to the headphone to give more stability to the headphone in the ear. Indeed, when the speaker rests in your ear, you will never feel it, and its small design merges completely with the formation of the ear, so much so that whoever sees you will not notice that you are wearing a wireless headphone, unless they see you from the side.

And through the speaker, you can interact with the voice assistant "Bixby", and answer calls with a light touch on the back. You can also control the listening system, in terms of playing and stopping the clips, and skipping the next clip by tapping it twice, or returning to the previous clip by clicking three times. Also, by long touching on the right earbud, you can raise the volume, and also lower it with long touch on the left speaker.

What is unique about the speaker is that it can be connected with several devices, whether Android phones, iPhone or laptop. Of course, it works more smoothly with other "Samsung" devices. It is sufficient to open the case to recognize the speaker on the surrounding devices, while if it is non-Samsung devices, you will have to download the Samsung application through which you can connect the speaker to any device.

And the battery life of the headset is up to 5.5 hours, and up to 21 hours, using the case that contains the built-in battery. The headphone supports fast charging technology, so a 5-minute charge is sufficient to use it for an hour, and by the way, it can be charged wirelessly via any phone that supports reverse wireless charging.

The headset is sold in the Kingdom at a price of $ 170, and it is available in bronze, black and white colors, but we recommend bronze, as it is the most distinguished among them through our experience.

Comparison with Apple AirPods

If we compare the headset with the Apple AirPods Pro, we will notice the following:

The advantage of the Samsung headset in the price (170 vs 240 dollars). As for the size, the Samsung headset and its box are smaller, but in terms of weight there is no big difference between them (5.6 grams for Samsung versus 5.4 grams for Apple). As for the life of the battery, the Samsung headset provides 5.5 hours of listening, with a total of 21 continuous hours using the box, while the Apple headset provides 4.5 hours of work, a total of 24 hours of listening through the enclosed box.