Countries, from Europe to the United States, are preparing for vaccination campaigns after hopes that have revived by announcing a new vaccine with an effectiveness of about 95 per cent against "Covid 19", but this did not ease the measures to confront the spread of the epidemic, as in Austria, where the closure begins today (Tuesday).

The US company Moderna’s announcement of a 95 percent effective vaccine against “Covid 19”, after the US “Pfizer” and German “Biontech” laboratories last week, about developing a 90 percent effective vaccine, reinforced global hopes for controlling the epidemic.

The "Pfizer-Bionic" and "Moderna" vaccine may obtain a license from the US Food and Drug Administration in the first half of next December, according to what Moncef Salawi, the scientific official in charge of the "Warp Speed" process that Donald Trump has formed to follow up on vaccinating American citizens.

France announced Tuesday that it is preparing to start a nationwide campaign to vaccinate against "Covid 19" next January, in the hope that the vaccines will be available there, after obtaining the necessary permits, according to government spokesman Gabriel Atal.

508 new deaths were recorded during the past 24 hours, but daily injuries in France have been declining for weeks, according to official data. On the other hand, the number of those hospitalized reached a new record with 33,466 cases.

The French Minister of Health, Olivier Ferrand, confirmed, on Tuesday, that France “is witnessing a decline in the epidemic,” without noticing the conditions that are met to reopen stores on November 27, as the owners demand.

Despite the optimism reinforced by the announcement of vaccines, measures are continuing in Europe. On Tuesday, Austria began a closure for the second time, which includes the closure of schools and non-essential stores and calls to stay at home, two weeks after the implementation of the partial closure that did not lead to curbing the epidemic. Until next December 6, hiking will not be allowed except in very specific circumstances (buying food, for professional and medical reasons, doing sports ...). This country, with a population of 8.9 million, recorded 4,657 injuries on Monday, compared to a thousand "only" in early October, and hospitals were overwhelmed.

Sweden, which is pursuing a less stringent strategy than most European countries, announced that it would limit public gatherings to eight people, as a maximum, in the face of the high number of injuries, in an unprecedented procedure in this country.

On Tuesday, Russia recorded a new record number of daily deaths due to the epidemic, with 442 deaths, while the health situation is getting worse in areas where hospitals and morgues have exhausted their capacity.