England is the birthplace of football, which has witnessed the emergence and development of the first popular game over nearly two centuries.

Nevertheless, the answer to the question "What was the first football club in the world?" It would not be an English club, as the first club formally established to practice the round witch was outside the British Isles.

Unworthy title

When you search for an answer to this question, most websites will respond that Sheffield FC (different from Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday), which was founded in 1857 and currently competes in the amateur leagues in England, but this club is not the oldest in the world.

The oldest football club in the world is Germany's Bochum, which was founded in 1848, 9 years before Sheffield.

Bochum is one of the oldest sports institutions in the world, and several years ago it submitted documents confirming that its date of inception was July 26, 1848.

At the time, the local newspaper "Märkischer Sprecher" in the North Rhine state, Germany, published an advertisement calling for residents to establish a sports club to play several games. It was established under the name "Gymnastics Club in Bochum" and included a football section as well.

For political reasons, the club was banned from practicing any activity towards the end of 1852, and then it was reestablished again in 1860.

Also, for political reasons, Bochum was forced to make several changes throughout its history, and its name was changed and merged with several clubs on more than one occasion, before the football division separated and obtained its current name after the end of World War II in 1949.

The club bears the date of its founding "1848" on its blue and white logo, a date that can also be observed on one of the stands of its stadium, "Ruhrstadion", which has a capacity of 29,000 spectators.

It is worth noting that Bochum’s full name is currently "Association for Physical Exercise Bochum 1848 .. Football Team", or VFL Bochum for short.

Why isn't that team competing?

In the fifties of the last century, and before the unification of West and East Germany, calls appeared to form a professional league in the West, to be an alternative to the system of local championships for the regions in the country, which is what we know today as the German "Bundesliga".

The tournament was established in the early 1960s with the selection of strong teams in each of the regional leagues and the number was 5, and Bochum was not lucky to be near a number of strong teams in the "Oberliga West" competition, led by Schalke, who was chosen with 5 other clubs to participate in the first edition. From the Bundesliga.

Bochum rose to the Bundesliga for the first time in its history in 1972, and his best achievements were ninth place on more than one occasion, and he reached the German Cup final in 1968 and 1988, but lost to Koln and Frankfurt respectively.

Bochum's last appearance in the Bundesliga is for the 2009-2010 season, which ended him in the penultimate position, and since then he has played in the second division.