Music is an outlet for almost everyone, the answer to everything whether a person is experiencing sadness, grief or boredom. They are also a soulmate and a friend for everybody at any time.

A person may listen to it while he is going to work, during exercise, or even in the evening when a person is alone.

We received a question about downloading songs, and the question was: Is there a way to store music on the cloud to listen to it on the iPhone anywhere? Below, you'll learn more than one way to put your music in the cloud and stream it to your devices.

So in this article we decided to answer that question and we will talk about free and paid options.


Many people like the free Plex media server that provides them music and videos for free on all devices running its free app.

First, you need to download and install the Plex server software on your computer (I personally run Plex on the Synology People box, a networked storage device). Then, upload your music library to the Plex server and then download the Plex app on the phone. You can easily download the Plex server on Macintosh and Windows computers, and on iOS and Android devices.

Plex provides you with the material you want to listen to or view from any Internet-connected device that runs the Plex Client app. Setting the latter does not require much effort outside the home network, and you will get a detailed and step-by-step explanation during the setup process.

You will enjoy the idea of accessing your favorite songs on the phone outside of the home, so that you will be able to share your music and clips with anyone else who uses "Plex".

Apple Music

If you subscribe to "Apple Music", you will be able to download approximately 100,000 songs on Apple servers, and to access them on other devices as soon as you log in to "Apple Music".

However, individual files cannot exceed 200MB in size.

To download your songs, open the Music app on your Mac. Then go to the "Music" list of options and choose "Preferences", then "General Window" ("General Tab"). Next, click to tick the "Sync Library" box.

And after the sync ends, the Apple Music app will show you all the music that you added, bought, or downloaded.

The latter option requires you to have a monthly subscription to Apple Music that costs $ 4.99 for students, $ 9.99 for individuals, and $ 14.99 for a family account that allows six people to share it.