The world of smartphones is usually divided into multiple "small worlds". There are leading phones that provide all the advantages at exorbitant prices. Then comes the medium, then the economic. But a new section has recently emerged, the category of gaming phones, which offers the most powerful hardware at cheaper prices than the flagship phones. This category is currently dominated by 4 main companies; "Asus", "Xiaomi", "Nubia", "Razer".

The most powerful phones

In this article, we compare the two most powerful gaming phones available currently in the market, namely, "Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro" and "Nubia Red Magic 5G Red Magic 5G."

The Red Magic 5G came with a somewhat familiar design that can be grasped and controlled with one hand, unlike the Black Shark 3 Pro, which is considered a giant in comparison.

But the exclusive feature of the Black Shark phone in the design are those buttons that emanate from the edges of the device to give the user a new dimension to the gaming experience, and despite the presence of these buttons in a virtual way in the "Red Magic ", their performance is not comparable to the actual" Black Shark "buttons.

On the contrary, the exclusive feature of the "Red Magic" phone is the actual fans on both sides of the phone, which help to cool the phone during continuous gaming, which increases the performance and effectiveness of the phone, and this is an essential feature for gaming lovers, as most phones, including the Black Shark “It gets hot when playing for long periods, so if you decide to buy the Black Shark 3 Pro, we recommend that you buy the accessory for cooling, which is sold on the official website at $ 40.

There is also another exclusive feature in the "Red Magic", which is the high-frequency screen at 144 Hz, and it is considered the first phone to introduce this technology in the world, and the refresh rate of the Black Shark reaches 90 Hz , but it is superior in terms of size (7.1 inches versus 6.65 inches). Accuracy, brightness and touch sensitivity reaches 270 Hz, compared to 240 for "Red Magic."

Hardware and OS

Gear; There is a great similarity between the hardware of the two phones, as both come with the most powerful Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 865, with random memory that starts from 8 and goes up to 12 GB in the Black Shark and up to 16 GB in the Red Magic. As for the internal memory, it starts from 128, but we recommend the 256 version, as it provides higher performance and a slight increase in price.

As for the battery, it has a capacity of 4500 mAh in the "Red Magic" and 5000 for the "Black Shark", but their lifespan is close to about a full day with normal use, and given that the screen of "Black Shark "is larger and its accuracy is higher. Both phones support fast charging of 55 watts for the "Red Magic" and 65 watts for the "Black Shark", and the battery is charged from scratch in about 38 - 40 minutes only for both devices.

OS; As for the operating system, here Black Shark 3 Pro clearly excels, as it comes with the "JoyUI" interface that is very close to the "Xiaomi" interface known for its stability and dynasty, while the "Red Magic" interface lacks many features , most notably the lack of support for the Arabic language. Full, although the device can be localized, we noticed the poor localization in many of the lists, so we recommend here to use the phone in English if possible.

Imaging ability

Camera comparison: The two phones share the main sensor for the cameras, it is the same in the two devices, and it comes with a resolution of 64 megapixels. The difference here is that the Black Shark device has two other lenses, one for 5-megapixel insulation, and the other with a 13-megapixel resolution, while the Red Magic lacks an isolation lens, and was replaced by a 2-megapixel macro lens , while the wide lens came with an 8-pixel resolution. As for the selfie camera, it came with a resolution of 20 megapixels for the "Black Shark", and 8 megapixels for the "Red Magic", both of which shoot video at 1080 resolution.

In terms of numbers, "Black Shark" excels in most of them, but in the quality of the images we did not notice a big difference between them, neither in the still images, nor in the video that, incidentally, reaches 8k resolution on the "Red Magic" phone, but its quality is not up to the required level.

price. The "Red Magic 5" phone is sold at $ 640 for the cheapest version, while the Black Shark 3 Pro prices start at $ 900. If we enter the price of the aforementioned cooling accessory, the price will reach $ 940.