Regardless of the final results of the US elections, which may last for several days; But a major fact has become entrenched for the second time, that confidence in the "industry" of opinion polls and the media in general has become a very difficult matter.

There is no collective punishment against President Donald Trump, no "blue wave" in the Senate, and no sweeping of the House of Representatives, according to the expectations of the majority of polls. Even if Trump loses the race in the event that the complexities of issuing the final results lead matters to the Supreme Court, the November 3, 2020 elections will remain a loss for those polls, despite the fact that several scenarios have talked about the possibility of the Supreme Court interfering, or the delay in issuing the results; However, most of the expectations were talking about a clear and large victory for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, at the national level or in swing states, and that Trump's defeat would something will remain in history.

On Tuesday nights to Wednesday, it was so clear that no one should trust in opinion polls or those analyzing them. Especially by traditional media. All American television stations and media have fallen into the trap of polls, including those affiliated with the Republicans.

Even Fox News, which “predicted” early on that Arizona would go to Biden, was criticized by Trump and questioned her loyalty, despite the Democrats ’victory in the end. The Democrats failed to score "amazing wins" in the red states, such as Ohio, Florida and Texas.

Even the ancient newspapers that established what looked like a daily "observatory" to track daily polls of voting trends, such as the "New York Times" and others, as well as television stations such as "CNN" and "MSNBC" and others, their analyzes, the tone of their broadcasters and their expectations calmed down. Divide the states into traditional blue and red.

No one would have believed Trump in saying repeatedly that his audience was capable of achieving a surprise, just as it turned out that the failure to read the reasons for the Latin voters' adherence to him, for example, was a new surprise added to the record of failures in reading the opinions of the electorate. 

They voted for Trump, as did quite a few blacks. In Georgia, which polls predicted will turn into a blue state, and blacks constitute a large minority, a large number of them voted for Trump, to join the waiting list in the emergence of its final results, with the "Blue Dam" states that the Democrats are counting on returning to their arms this year.

Despite all the assurances that this year's polls were very different from 2016, it seemed like a repeat of the night the results were announced that year. Democrats, the media and polls could later claim that Clinton was an unsuccessful and unpopular candidate, and that she held the elements of her weakness in her hand. Her e-mail and James Comey bomb carried the director of "FBI" about him responsible for declining her fortunes and voting for her.