The alliance "Pfizer" and "Biontech" in the United States submitted a license request for the emerging coronavirus vaccine, the salvation tree in which people place all their hopes to get rid of the new restrictions imposed on them around the world in the face of the high number of infections.

The Chairman of the American Board of Directors of "Pfizer" Albert Bourla considers that the license application represents, ten months after the discovery of the new Corona virus, "an essential stage" in the search for a vaccine. It is expected that Moderna, which is also American, will be very close to submitting the license application.

The Pfizer-Biontech Alliance and Moderna said in recent days that their vaccines are 95 percent effective, which was enough to inspire optimism in the world as governments have already booked their rations of millions of doses.

In another glimmer of hope, a study by the University of Oxford in Britain, presented yesterday, showed that there is a low probability that those who had previously been infected with "Covid-19" would be infected during the six months following their suffering from the virus.

While awaiting vaccinations, every day new restrictions are imposed in all parts of the world to limit the spread of the virus. These measures awaken the memory of the shutdown that the world witnessed last spring during the first wave of the disease.

And "isolation" will be imposed in Toronto, Canada's largest city, and "a large part of its suburb", as of Monday.

Residents of Northern Ireland will be subject to a two-week lockdown, while restaurants and bars in several areas of the County of Wales closed their doors on Friday evening for three weeks.

The epidemic in the United States entered a phase of "steady acceleration", with more than 197,000 new infections and 1,800 deaths recorded in the country within 24 hours, the day after more than 2,200 deaths were also reported, a threshold the country has not crossed for months.

As a result, from Saturday, Californians will be subject to a month-long night curfew. In New York, schools were closed despite the dissatisfaction of a large number of parents, and Americans were called to refrain from traveling during the next five Thanksgiving holiday, an occasion when families in the United States gather and airports and roads are crowded.

Among the American figures who were recently infected with the virus, Donald Trump Jr., the son of US President Donald Trump, who and his wife Melania were infected with the disease in early October (October).

The authorities in New Delhi decided to increase the fines for those who do not wear masks by four times, while the city of Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat, will impose from Friday an unlimited night curfew, in addition to a general lockdown during the next weekend.

On Friday, the World Health Organization recommended not prescribing remdesivir for "Covid-19" patients who are in hospitals. She said that this drug is very expensive, and it has many side effects. It does not prevent death or the dangerous symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization welcomed the decrease in the number of daily infections in Europe during the past week by 10 percent, but deaths continue to rise and caution remains.