Late on the morning of Wednesday, November 4, problems began to appear in the main vote-counting room in Detroit, USA.

Today was the next day on Presidential Election Day, and until then there was nothing to disturb the process of tabulating the votes of voters derived from the various counting boards inside the "TCF" Convention Center in Detroit, that enormous center that has long hosted the activities of the "Exhibition of America." Northern International Auto Center ».

As batches of ballot papers began arriving loaded in a pickup truck, employees systematically examined and recorded them across 134 separate tables, each of which was monitored by voting rights inspectors, as well as so-called election oversight delegates from each of the parties involved.

However, the position of the Republican Party delegates witnessed a marked change with the shift in the vote count in favor of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and the spread of news that President Donald Trump had resorted to the courts. Julie Moroni, a non-partisan election observer and a witness to the vote count, said she heard a Republican delegate saying, "We must now review and sort every ballot."

Surprisingly, Republican volunteers escalated their protests inside the center's vote-counting room, accusations were leveled against ballot counters that they were entering invalid birthdays for voters or setting pre-dates for the current ballot papers. In some cases of objection, volunteers made sweeping allegations of irregularities in the vote count.

“What are you doing?” One of the employees asked the Republican delegate in astonishment, and the delegate was trying to sort the ballot papers himself even before the assigned employee could examine the card, just as Seth Furlow, the Democratic representative, said as she described the strange incident. "I am required to review every card myself," the Republican Party delegate, justifying his behavior, said.

Forlu remembers that incident clearly and with great discomfort, especially with the rush of most white Republican delegates who were personally reviewing the work of most black employees in the counting room.

Indeed, local police took a group of troublesome Republican Party delegates out of the counting room. However, the tensions did not diminish or disappear, especially when election officials noticed that the number of reviewers for counting cards from the Republican Party had risen beyond the official permissible limit for each of the parties, and decided to prevent more delegates from entering the counting room, in an attempt to reduce their number. Inside the room. Then the shouting escalated, demanding: "Stop counting immediately" by Republican Party representatives outside the room.

The fraud that Republican Party delegates claimed to have observed inside the room was not fraud at all, according to what a local Michigan judge decided last Friday if he rejected the lawsuit filed by President Trump's allies in this regard. The many cases of supposed illegal violations were in fact known and established procedures for dealing with some unusual features in the data entry process, correcting minor errors, and social distancing standards that must be respected - all of which are intended to ensure that votes are carefully counted and counted. And honesty.

But through the method of distorting facts and facts familiar to supporters and allies of Trump, the vote counting center in Detroit was the scene of the crime of stealing the votes of voters by the Democratic Party, which is an attempt to preempt the presidential elections that entail directing the resulting discontent towards the court yards, and the Trump support blogs on the platform Twitter, as well as news channels and various media platforms.

That was the plan envisioned by the forces loyal to President Donald Trump all along.