Imagine the city of London in a fully interactive digital environment, so that the player can enter any electronic device in the game world and use it for the benefit of the player, control any character walking in the game world and exploit its capabilities to achieve the player's goal, and in various ways. This is possible in the upcoming Watch Dogs: Legion game from Ubisoft, which offers great gaming pleasure in a massive interactive environment full of technical elements that can be hacked to advance the fun story. 60minutesnews played the game before its official release.

Exciting story

The story takes place in the near future, in the phase of the acceleration of the development of work automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence, major effects on the British economy, but these matters lead to high levels of unemployment and the spread of organized crime in the capital of England.

DedSec, with the help of a new artificial intelligence dubbed "Bagley", is investigating a gang calling itself "Zero Day" planning to blow up Parliament. An agent in the "Didsic" group, named "Dalton Wolf", breaks into the building to prevent the attacks, but discovers that the terrorist gang is disguised as agents of the "Didsic" group of which he belongs, in order to entrap the group and accuse it.

"Dalton" succeeds in neutralizing the explosives, but the terrorist gang planted more of them in separate places in the city, which raises panic and chaos. Before "Dalton" can prove the group's innocence, an unknown person assassinates him and steals his documents and information.

In light of these problems, the British government employs a private military company called "Albion", whose goal is to restore order to the city, which gives the company's CEO access to the city's central operating system.

This CEO searches for the group members and arrests them one by one, forcing the group to go into hiding. This company begins with restoring stability and tranquility, but turns the city into a fully controlled place where freedoms are limited and all population movements are tracked in an unprecedented way.

The game takes place in an open world, and you can walk around and reach anywhere in it at any time, on foot or by using various vehicles or public transport means to move quickly to distant neighborhoods. The player can choose the side missions that suit him at any time, or search the city for hidden secrets.

The player can complete any mission in the game by completing the required by infiltrating, avoiding or confronting enemies and fighting them. The widespread electronic devices can also be hacked and used for the benefit of the player to create a trap, distract the attention of enemies, or find important information using the surveillance cameras spread throughout the city. Enemies can be fought with hands or using various tools or firearms, or it can escape from them and penetrate drones and smart vehicles to stay away from the opponent.