Tuesday is a special day in the agenda of American politicians, as the US presidential elections always take place on the Tuesday that comes after the first Monday in November, and the US congressional elections are also held on Tuesday.

The choice of Tuesday to hold the elections goes back to 1845. In that year, the US Congress decided that the Tuesday after the first Monday in November would be the day of the presidential and legislative elections. Congress chose November for certain reasons, and Tuesday for other reasons.

The first reason is related to agriculture, for the American society at that time was an agricultural society, where the farms are busy with planting in the spring and summer seasons, and the autumn season is the harvest season, and therefore November is the best time after the harvest season.

 November is also an ideal month for climatic conditions and weather, as it precedes the snowfall season in December and January, and thus the roads are paved for voters to travel to cities to cast their votes in the elections, without fear of falling Snow and road closures.

The means of transportation at that time were horse and horse-drawn carriages, and many farmers lived in places far from the cities where polling stations and committees were stationed, and it might take a day or more for farmers to move from their farms to the polling place, so Congress chose Tuesday to allow The opportunity for American citizens to attend church services on Sunday, and on Monday they start their travel trip and arrive at the polls on Tuesday, and then return to their farms on Wednesday.

Elections are held every 4 years and coincide with the midterm elections for the Senate and the House of Representatives. The term of membership in the House of Representatives is two years, while the term of membership in the Senate reaches 6 years, and a third of the Senate members are elected every two years, and candidates are also elected to assume local jobs in the state, in conjunction with the presidential and legislative elections, as a kind of comfort for voters , And reduce expenses.

Election Day is considered an official holiday in some states, such as Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Montana, New York, Oahu, and West Virginia, and other states allow employees to take the day as a paid vacation to participate in the election process, and some other states only allow employees to take two hours outside work to participate in the elections.

And there were criticisms about holding the elections on that day, especially that American society was no longer an entire agricultural society, and the means of transportation and communication progressed. Opponents indicated Tuesday that as a working day, it reduces the percentage of participants in the voting process. Tuesday's critics are calling for a federal holiday to be held, or for voters to be allowed to cast their ballots within a day or two.