Democratic candidate Joe Biden, 77, crowned his busy political career by winning the US presidency, and he will go down in history as the man who brought down Donald Trump, according to the agency of France-Presse.

"We can turn the page on the gloomy and angry politics that prevailed in the past four years. The time has come to bring the country together and meet again as a nation, but I cannot do it without you," the former US Vice President emphasized.

Biden has always stayed true to the message he gave when announcing his candidacy for the presidency in April 2019: "We are fighting a battle for the soul" of the United States.

Joe Biden recently said bluntly that his loss to the unpopular Trump would mean that he is a "pathetic candidate."

But his victory, according to media estimates and pending official confirmation of the results, culminates in a political career that he began at the age of 29 and witnessed at its start a sudden transition from victory to pain.

In November 1972, a young Delaware senator surrounded by his family celebrated his election victory, and a month later his wife and daughter died in a traffic accident and his two sons were injured.

The tragedy that followed the loss of his eldest son in 2015 further fueled voters' sympathy, and Biden made sympathy a prominent feature of his political career.

In 2020, Biden still enjoys his elegant heroine, but this veteran of politics is not what he was in the prime of his tenure as Vice President Barack Obama.

When he is standing on the podium, he appears weak sometimes, while gray hair covers his hair, and some even among his supporters fear him from the pressure of his long battle against Donald Trump (74 years), who adopted an offensive method.

Although at the end of August he resumed his trips more intensively, his strict compliance with health instructions restrained his presence on the ground, and his critics argue that this allowed him to campaign away from the electorate and often avoid the press.

Donald Trump calls him sarcastically "sleepy atmosphere" and strongly criticizes the questions directed to him by the press, considering that they are "directed to children", and he does not hesitate to criticize his poor physical fitness.

Trump supporters circulate frequently on Twitter, Joe Biden stutter, and the US billionaire's campaign team describes him as "an old man suffering from dementia."

But it will certainly be the victory of former Vice President Barack Obama to the presidency, the best response to those, after winning the candidacy for the Democrats in the primaries.

But there are other chapters that weigh on his political career, such as his vote in favor of the war in Iraq in 2003, or the stormy hearing of his presidency in the Senate in 1991.

In addition, his strong support for the "crime law" of 1994, which was considered responsible for a large increase in the number of prisoners, including a large proportion of black Americans.

Joe Biden admits today that it was a "mistake", stressing another aspect of this widespread reform related to the Violence Against Women Act, which is his "greatest source of pride."

Immediately after his arrival at the White House as Vice President Barack Obama, at the height of the financial crisis, the former Senator worked to approve Congressional approval of a massive $ 800 billion recovery plan.

This matter is often mentioned in order to prove that it can revive the economy again, after it was badly affected by the tide.