After becoming the vice president of the new United States, Kamala Harris became the number one political star at the moment as the first black woman to hold that sensitive position, everyone focused on her writings and all her previous books that explain a lot about that most researched woman over the past period.

The other aspect that Harris discovers from reading her writings is the global atmosphere in which she grew up, and qualified her to be a global citizen par excellence. When Senator Kamala Harris (56 years) ran for the 2020 US presidential elections for the Democratic Party, little was known about her outside the legal circles. Liberal politicians except that she was the attorney general of the state of California on the west coast of the country (even though she was the first American of Indian origin, and the second "color" woman, to hold the position of a senator in the US Senate, which has a number of 100 members).

Of course, Harris was the target to many abusers from the other side. Accusations echoed against her on social media and Republican mouthpieces, which focused on everything except her efficiency, as she is "not black enough", "dangerously ambitious", "vulgar, and one does not want to get involved with her in an argument", and "authoritarian", and "How to be an American when she spent her childhood in Canada?" And "mentally disturbed".

Leftists ridiculed her as a "policewoman" - on the grounds that she raised, during her work, the rate of successful prosecutions, while a website specialized in legal cases published details of cases in which Harris pleaded as a public prosecutor, which was considered as if it did not give the defendants opportunities to prove their innocence. The page dedicated to her on the World Encyclopedia on the Internet (Wikipedia) turned into an arena of endless conflict between bloggers and readers about her ethnic classification, before the editors decided to recognize her as African-American and Asian-American in the same now!

The other aspect that Harris discovers from reading her books is the cosmopolitan atmosphere in which she was brought up, and qualified her to be a global citizen par excellence. Harris still visits her mother's family in India every two years, and in a book she talks about her memories there and that the first thing that hung in her head was the experience of walking along the beach with her grandfather, who was a retired diplomat and a fighter for Indian independence, as well as her discussions with her grandmother, a feminist but It seems that she has avoided delving deeply into that aspect - as she also did about the family’s move to live in Montreal - Canada when she was twelve years old, perhaps for fear of falling into the bump in which Barack Obama, who was subjected to a rampage campaign by the American right, accused of being born in Kenya - not in the US.